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Biking Accidents and Road Conditions

Our fine city is making progress toward becoming a bike-friendlier one, and we certainly have the bicyclists to warrant that. If only these machines came with wings – at least for the moments when wheel and pothole unite.

bike toothChicago spends thousands of dollars on pothole repair each week. Last winter’s temperate nature brought less of the back and forth freezing and thawing conditions that lead to this sort of road damage, and allowed for some catch-up in repairs – still one need not search very far to find dangerous spots.

Bike riders in Chicago have a few things to watch out for, beyond damaged pavement. Miscommunications or failure to follow the rules on the road (on the part of car, or bike), the sudden need to dodge a pedestrian, the notorious “dooring” from a driver exiting their car, or a collision resulting from the “left cross” – are all potential causes of a painful biking accident. Helmets drastically lessen the seriousness of head, jaw, and tooth injuries, but injuries happen with or without them. While very few people wake up hoping their day will involve a face plant, many bikers have experienced them – accompanied by chips, fractures, and completely broken or knocked out teeth. The staff at East Village Dental Centre are prepared to see you and determine the most effective way to improve your situation, should something like this happen to you.

Bicycling accidents comprise an unfortunately high number of emergency dental situations in children and adults, and while the risk is worth it for those of us who love and even rely on this mode of transportation, when the unexpected happens – it should be treated with urgency. East Village Dental can address your situation with the specific care it needs. We will relieve your pain and replace or repair any missing or chipped teeth promptly.

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