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Sports Related Dental Injuries

Chicagoans know how to appreciate a change in season – particularly when we’re bidding winter goodbye. Unfortunately, along with warmer weather comes an increase in dental injuries. High-velocity sports like basketball and soccer often involve contact between the head and another player or hard surface, and can make for a damaging impact to the mouth and jaw. If a spring pick-up game leads to an accident in need of fast dental attention, you want to know what resources will get you out of pain while restoring your teeth to their best shape possible, as swiftly as possible.

sports dental injuriesEast Village Dental Centre is ready to provide immediate and appropriate attention to whatever emergency dental situation you may experience while on the field, court, or otherwise. Tooth trauma is unpleasant enough, and desperation need not add to that. When a tooth is fractured, broken, displaced – or has been knocked out all together – you have options. Our central proximity makes us an accessible resource during your time of need, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will ensure that you are seen promptly.

If you should find your teeth suddenly compromised, give East Village Dental Centre a call; whatever the nature of your condition, together we will come up with the best action plan for it. We specialize in a gamut of emergency treatments, from bonding and veneers for broken front teeth, to denture repair, to full replantation and implant repair. The friendly and professional staff at East Village Dental Centre will relieve your dental discomfort and return your teeth to their healthiest.

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