Denture Guidelines

Denture guidelines are important because they help you take care of your dental implants in Chicago and you can continue to be happy and confident with your smile. When it comes to dentures, it’s important to know that there are four main types: conventional, immediate, overdenture and partial. Conventional dentures are fully removable. Immediate dentures are placed in immediately after your natural teeth have been removed. Overdenture is a type of denture that fits over your remaining natural teeth. Lastly, there are partial dentures that are used on patients who still have at least one of their natural teeth remaining.

Regardless of the type of dentures you have, you should always be taking care of them. Oral hygiene is important and with dentures, you need to be extra careful. Based on research and advice from experts, these are the optimal denture care guidelines to follow when you receive dentures.

Daily Cleaning

You need to clean your dentures daily by using mechanical action. This means you should brush them with a toothbrush or a denture brush. Use an effective and non-abrasive denture cleanser. Do not use dentifrice. Check out these options for denture cleansers if you do not know which ones to use.

Daily Soaking

Soaking your dentures in a denture-cleansing solution should only be used outside the mouth. If you have removable dentures, make sure to use the denture manufacturers’ guidelines when you are soaking your dentures. For example, you drop a denture cleanser tablet into warm water, creating a solution. Then, the denture is placed into the solution. This helps dispose of any leftover bacteria after you brushed the dentures. Make sure you follow instructions to know how long the dentures should stay soaking in the solution.

Overnight Removal

If your dentures are removable, take them out before you go to sleep. If you are told to keep them in otherwise by a dentist, then that’s okay as well. However, keeping dentures in overnight when you aren’t supposed to mean you are at a higher risk of developing stomatitis. Don’t forget that stomatitis can also be prevented by soaking the dentures as mentioned above. Denture stomatitis for frail or older people can lead to pneumonia.

Maintenance Program

Lastly, if there is a maintenance program that was given to you by your dentist or by the denture manufacturer, make sure you stick to it. Read about if your dentures need to be replaced.

If you have any questions about your dental implants in Chicago, our experienced and dedicated staff at EV Dental Centre is happy to take care of you!

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