Do I Need A Night Guard?

If you are waking up with a sore jaw or a minor headache, it’s possible that you are suffering from bruxism through the night. Bruxism is another name for teeth grinding, and it can happen while you are sleeping. One of the common ways to relieve bruxism pain is to wear a night guard, so make sure you contact your Wicker Park dentist to learn more about this treatment.

The Night Guard Process

Night guards are normally worn while you sleep and you can purchase one at most pharmacies or from your dentist. In order to shape a pharmacy-bought night guard to your mouth, you boil the appliance, let it cool for a few seconds, and then bite into the guard to shape it to your teeth.

If you get it from your dentist, it will be a higher quality fit because they are made in a laboratory. The impression of your teeth is taken by a dental professional and this option is more comfortable to wear through the night, making it a bit more expensive than a store-bought one.

The Night Guard Functions

The main function of your new night guard is to prevent the surfaces of your teeth from grinding against one another. If you are a constant grinder, you can actually chip or crack your teeth in addition to straining your jaw muscles.

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Our Wicker Park dentist is happy to help you find a treatment for your bruxism. If you are grinding your teeth at night or if you’re waking up with a minor headache every morning, consider reaching out to us today.

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