Tricks for Crushing Sugar Cravings

It’s no secret that sugary snacks slowly eat away at your enamel and ultimately cause cavities. However, breaking a sweet tooth habit is not an easy task. East Village Dental Centre has a few tricks for lessening your sugar intake.


Keep Yourself Full

Sometimes our hunger can disguise itself as a sugar craving. When you feel the urge to binge on some sugary treats, eat a healthy meal instead. Our dentist in Chicago recommends stocking your fridge with pre-made meals or quick and healthy snacks to avoid eating a snack with sugar. This way, no prep time is needed to curb your craving. 


Minimize Stress

Reaching for a chocolate bar becomes especially tempting during stressful moments. Getting a good night’s sleep and making time for a joyful or relaxing activity once a day will help minimize your stress. 


Distract Yourself 

Distracting yourself with other activities can be the best way to switch off your sweet tooth hankering. Our dentist in Chicago recommends taking a hot shower or going on a walk. A shower can help bring relief and clear your head and spending time outside on a long walk can release dopamine and give you energy. 


Eat These Alternatives

If you still can’t fight the urge, there are few sweet alternatives that can take the edge off. We suggest stocking up on berries, other fruits, sugar-free gum, granola bars or dark chocolate instead of the not-so-healthy alternatives. 


To learn any more cavity-fighting techniques or to get your teeth cleaned professionally, schedule an appointment at East Village Dental today!

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