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Biggest Threats to Your Dental Health

Posted on 3/27/2019 by East Village Dental Centre
This might be a surprise to your lifestyle choices and overall health have an impact on your oral health. At your Wicker Park dentist, we want to make you aware of how your choices are doing to your teeth and overall dental health.


Smoking tobacco is known to not be good for you and can cause all sorts of issues with your health. Chewing tobacco deteriorates the gum tissue and eventually tooth enamel wearing them both down. Over time your gums will recede to the point where your teeth could begin to form cavities, decay and/or become more sensitive. Smoking and chewing tobacco also yellow your teeth and causes bad breath.

Poor Diet

The most well-known diet-related risk to dental health is sugar. Sugar causes plaque to build develop which then builds up and combines with carbohydrates to cause acid buildup. Over time, the acid will break down your tooth enamel, allowing cavities to form.

A nutritionally insufficient diet can lead to malnutrition which can put your body at risk. Without the proper nutrients, you are at risk for serious health problems as well.

Not Seeking Treatment

Letting dental problems linger is one of the worst ideas that you could have. Neglecting your dental issues can lead to more serious, painful and expensive issues down the road. What might seem small can be an indicator of a much larger issue.

As your Wicker Park dentist, we believe it is our responsibility to warn you of the potential negative impact your lifestyle choices are making on your mouth. Visit us at East Village Dental Centre for your next cleaning!




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