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Learn About Hairline Tooth Fractures

Posted on 8/15/2019 by East Village Dental Centre
If you bite down on something and feel a sharp pain that suddenly disappears, it’s possible that you half a hairline fracture or a cracked tooth. Our dentists in Chicago wants to make sure you are fully informed about hairline tooth fractures and what to do if you have one.

What Is A Hairline Tooth Fracture?

A hairline tooth fracture is a small crack in a tooth that can actually lead to tooth loss. There are a few different types of cracks, such as craze lines, vertical crack, split tooth, and a fractured cusp.

How Do The Fractures Occur?

Hairline tooth fractures can happen from multiple different events, including:

•  Chewing: If you chew on a hard object such as a piece of hard candy or ice, you may crack a tooth.
•  Pressure on Jaw: If you know you clench your jaw or grind your teeth at night, ask your dentist for remedies as the pressure can lead to a hairline tooth fracture.
•  Injury: A blow to the mouth from an accident whether it be random or through sports.
•  Temperature Changes: If you eat hot food and immediate drink ice water, your teeth may react to the sudden change in temperature and fracture.
•  Age: Oftentimes, teeth can crack for many people over the age of 50.


You may have a hairline tooth fracture without symptoms, however, here are some symptoms that you should look out for:

•  Pain that comes and goes, especially with biting or chewing
•  Sensitivity to sweetness, heat, or the cold
•  Swollen gums around the tooth that is causing pain


Our dentist in Chicago can help treat a hairline tooth fracture depending on where the crack is located as well as the size and if it extends to the gumline. Some solutions are as follows:




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