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Problems From A Chipped Tooth

Posted on 4/11/2022 by East Village Dental Centre
Problems From A Chipped ToothChipping a tooth is common in adults and children alike. It is actually easy to chip a tooth even though the enamel is considered the hardest, most mineralized tissue of your body. A chipped tooth may occur from biting on something hard or falling and hitting the mouth. Dental conditions such as night teeth grinding or tooth decay can also contribute to chipped teeth. If you recently chipped your tooth, it is paramount you know the potential problems it may bring.

Problems of Having a Chipped Tooth

Having a little chip on your tooth might not seem like a big concern, particularly if it occurs on the molars which no one can see. However, it could cause trouble. Smaller chips may not be a problem unless they are sharp, meaning they could cut your mouth. However, if you have a significantly chipped tooth, it may lead to issues such as pain, bad breath, hot and cold sensitivity, swollen glands, and infected roots. Deep chips are likely to impact your tooth's root, leading to toothaches and infections. They can also cause tooth decay, leading to sensitivity and bad breath. Chips, even the small ones, can grow bigger, causing issues that may require you to have a root canal or extraction. Additionally, the sharp edges of a chipped tooth can cut your tongue, gums, and cheek.

When to Repair a Tooth Chipping

Whenever you chip a tooth, make sure you visit our dentist. Minor chips may not need a major repair, and what our dentist can do is just file the tooth to smoothen it or fix it using a dermal bond to make it look normal again. For more pronounced chipping, they require extensive dental work. If the chips are severe but they don't damage the pulp or tooth, a dentist may install a cap or crown to help protect the tooth from infections. If the root or pulp is damaged, a root canal may be required before receiving a crown or cap over the tooth. Contact us today if you have a chipped tooth to find an appropriate treatment.




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