Advanced Denture and Implant Options

Advanced Denture and Implant Options

A warm, genuine smile is a universal indication of acceptance to those around you. Smiling not only makes you feel beautiful and confident, it reflects positively on others. Anyone suffering from significant dental problems may rely on dentures or implants to restore their smile. Unfortunately, not all of these devices fit correctly, causing discomfort and the inability to exude confidence when smiling.

New Technology Comes to Dentistry

If you are suffering from ill-fitting dentures, you are likely experiencing discomfort from the dentures rubbing your gums in addition to a poor fit. Furthermore, you probably have not been eating all the foods you would like to eat. When was the last time you went to a baseball game and munched on a bag of peanuts?

Throughout the last decade or so, technological advances have made it possible (and affordable) to find exceptionally functional, comfortable, and aesthetically superior dental replacement devices. Whether you currently wear dentures, are considering implants, or require the restoration of a few teeth, East Village has an incredible variety of options available to help you achieve the comfortable, effortless smile you desire.

Flexible Dentures

Whether this is your first time choosing a denture, or you are just plain tired of your old dentures constantly rubbing against your gums, flexible dentures may be just what the dentist ordered! They have the highest level of comfort of any dentures available due to the flexible resin coating on the outer layer of the base. This flexible layer allows the denture to lock in place around the undercut of the jawbone, ensuring superior stability.

In addition to the secure positioning, flexible dentures are exceptionally light and so thin you will hardly feel like you are wearing them. They are also cosmetically superior to ordinary dentures because the denture base is made from a slightly pink, transparent material that allows your gum color to show through, providing a very natural look.

Another important advantage is that the non-porous, flexible resin material does not support the growth of bacteria, while still retaining a slight amount of moisture to ensure comfortability. No more denture breath—and durability too. In fact, flexible denture bases are virtually unbreakable, unlike their acrylic cousins. Flexible dentures do cost more than ordinary dentures; however, they make up for the difference by lasting significantly longer.

Fitting flexible dentures is a much simpler process than fabricating acrylic ones, translating to fewer visits to the dental office and less time before you can get back to enjoying your favorite foods. If you miss biting into a juicy red apple or savoring fresh corn on the cob, ask the professionals at East Village Dental if these dentures might be right for you.

Implant Dentures

If you suffer from loose or slipping dentures when you eat or speak, find that food gets trapped between your dentures and your gums, or you are just tired of suffering from tenderness where your dentures rub, you may want to consider implant dentures.

Implant supported dentures are permanently affixed to titanium rods that are literally screwed into the bone of the dental ridge. These rods are placed during a surgical procedure, while you are under anesthetic. After your gums heal completely (usually about two months), your dentures are mounted to these rods.

These permanent dentures have two main advantages. The first of which is stability. Implant supported dentures do not move around, food will not get trapped under them, and they will not rub against your gums, causing tenderness and pain. Furthermore, you will never need to use messy denture adhesive again.

The second major advantage is the reduction of bone resorption, an ongoing problem for denture wearers. Bone resorption occurs once the natural teeth are removed, thus eliminating the pressure that is normally exerted on the boney ridge beneath the gums. New bone production slows to a halt, and the bone begins to deteriorate, continuing to do so throughout the person’s lifetime. This causes the bone to shrink, requiring refitting of the dentures, and eventually precluding the ability to wear standard dentures at all.

When you select implant dentures, the implanted rods stabilize and put pressure on the bone structure, reducing or even eliminating the bone resorption that usually ruins the fit of standard dentures within two to three years. This alone is an important reason to discuss implant dentures with our team of dental professionals.

Complete and Comprehensive Dental Services

No matter what you are looking for, denture repair, denture replacement, or implant services, you will find the caring and highly-skilled experts at East Village Dental are ready with the perfect solution for your specific needs. We offer an array of implant options, including single tooth replacement, implant partials, and implant supported full dentures. We also provide exceptional repair services and can complete most denture repairs within one day.

There is no reason to settle for less than the best when it comes to your smile. At East Village Dental, we offer comprehensive dental services customized to meet the needs of each client. Book an appointment for a consultation today.

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