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Kids Dentistry

After about 6 months of age, children begin developing their teeth, and immediately after tooth development has occurred it is important to care for a child’s teeth. That is why at East Village Dental Centre we work with children of all ages and offer many of the services that we do for teens and adults to help them achieve a life full of great smiles!

Working With Kids

How children grow up perceiving the dentist involves making them feel comfortable and welcomed when they come in. For many children, dentistry can seem scary at first which is why we want to make a wonderful impression on them. We provide sedation options for children who are feeling nervous which can go a long way in making the next visit a comfortable experience.

The services that we provide for children are similar to the one’s adults receive such as regular check-ups, crowns, fillings, and more. Here are some of the services that you can expect for your child.


Regular check-ups every 6 months are important for a healthy mouth. The main reason why this is encouraged is to ensure there are no oral health problems present, and if there are any issues found, they can generally be caught early- preventing further complications. A regular example of this is cavities which are common among children (and adults). It is good to not have cavities in the first place, but the smaller they are, the better because the tooth can be easily restored with small fillings.

The second reason why regular check-ups are a good thing is we provide thorough cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar which essentially gives the mouth a fresh start. Visits are also educational by teaching children how to care for their mouths properly.

Dental Sealants for Kids

Because cavities are expected among children, we take preventive measures to help keep them from occurring in the back of the mouth where cavities oftentimes form. A sealant is a thin, plastic sheet that is bonded to a tooth - effectively shielding it from food and bacteria.

Emergency Dental Care for Children

Many children like to be active which is encouraged for promoting a healthy body. However, this can lead to accidents that can cause injury to the mouth. If severe tooth fractures, gum injuries, or any other dental-related emergency has occurred, we are available to help. We recommend having a dental emergency kit containing vital components such as gauze, alcohol wipes, dental wax, and a flashlight. We also highly recommend keeping our number in this kit so you can quickly call us before coming in.

Does Your Child Need An Appointment?

Whether your child hasn’t visited the dentist in a while, or you are switching offices, we at East Village Dental Centre are here to provide only the best care around Chicago in a welcoming environment to help your child have a lifetime of great smiles. If you would like to ask us any questions about the services we have available for children, or you would like to schedule a dentist appointment, you can call our office at 773-341-9325. We hope to see you soon!




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