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If you or your child is getting braces for the first time, you may be a little nervous about the process. You’ll hear various things from your neighbors, friends, and even cosmetic dentists in Wicker Park, and not all of it will be accurate information. But at EV Dental our priority is to make sure you’re comfortable and treated well.

So, to put your mind at ease, we’re going to review everything you’ll need to know as well as what to expect when you’re getting braces from a cosmetic dentist in Wicker Park like EV dental.

The Evaluation

Though you can technically set up a visit to an orthodontist to get your teeth evaluated on your own, for the most part a dentist will refer you to an orthodontist. This is because most people go to the dentist far more often than an orthodontist. Plus, a dentist is perfectly qualified to recommend to his or her patients that they go see an orthodontist.

The orthodontist will then evaluate your teeth and figure out whether or not you need orthodontic treatment and, if you do, they’ll determine what treatment you’re going to need. At this point in the process, your orthodontist may create a mold from your teeth. This mold will help him or her design the treatment.

Custom Treatment and Placing the Device

Just like your fingerprint, your mouth is unique and (assuming you require treatment) it has unique problems. Some people have overbites, others have underbites. Still, others may need extensive treatment for their lower teeth while their upper teeth are mostly okay. As you can imagine, there are countless variables.

That’s why at this point your orthodontist (or cosmetic dentist in Wicker Park) will specially design a treatment based on your mouth. Using the mold that he or she originally created, the orthodontist creates a model of your braces. Then, when it’s time to place the braces, you’ll have an appointment during which the brackets and wires are placed.

Ongoing Adjustments

Just as important as placing the braces is continuously adjusting the braces so that the teeth continue to move where they’re supposed to go. At this point, it’s still important to keep going to your dentist for regular cleanings and to keep your teeth clean.

Not Sure if You Need Braces?

Call East Village Dental Care today to make an appointment and our cosmetic dentist in Wicker Park can answer any and all questions you have about orthodontics.

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