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Full Arch Removable

It may surprise you to know that over 33 million Americans have lost all of either their upper or lower teeth. This tooth loss can make you look prematurely old and also prevent you from eating and speaking properly.

If time has been unkind to your teeth, the good news is that at East Village Dental Centre, your Noble Square family dentist, we can provide you with personalized dentures created for your specific needs. Custom dentures allow you to have teeth that are comfortable, function properly and look great.

Removable dentures

The most affordable option is a removable denture. Many people wear these, but you would not necessarily know it thanks to the artistry of modern dentistry. All types of removable dentures are custom made in dental laboratories from impressions of your mouth, and they can be crafted to provide the characteristics, in both shape and color, that you desire.

Types of removable dentures

There are three types of removable dentures: full dentures, overdentures, and partial dentures.

Full dentures – If you’ve lost all your teeth, full dentures are the least expensive way to replace them. They also help restore a more youthful appearance and help you with both eating and speaking. There are disadvantages, however, including gradual bone loss due to the pressure they place on the underlying boney ridges. They can also be unstable, especially the lower denture that can be easily moved by the tongue.

Overdentures – These can be supported by dental implants, ensuring they will not slip and cause embarrassment. They also help maintain bone volume by distributing weight away from the boney ridges. You may only need two implants to retain a lower denture, but four may be needed for an upper.

Partial dentures – These can be very stable, especially when supported by natural teeth, and because they’re removable, it’s easy to keep your teeth clean.

Denture stabilization

We recommend using dental implants to stabilize your dentures. The more implants used, the greater the stability. With several implants per arch, we can even do away with the upper palate material the covers the roof of the mouth, and that improves your ability to taste food, speak and even sing!

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