Making Your Child Comfortable for First Dentist Visit

Many times, it can be difficult to have your child willingly come with you to the dentist. For their first visit, the associate the dentist with their doctor. They could be scared and nervous for their first trip. The dentist is filled with loud noises and children who don’t love sensory feelings could struggle with their first appointment. There are many ways to make sure that you make the dentist a fun experience—one your children will want to be a part of. Making the first visit to your Noble Square Dentist easy and fun will lay out the opportunity for easier future visits.

Give a Play-By-Play

Giving your child all the facts about the visit before you head over to the dentist can prove extremely beneficial. A good start would be to head over to YouTube to watch kid-friendly videos about the dentist. He or she will love watching the video while learning what their experience entails. They can see everything for themselves, thus relieving the stress of attending their appointment. Another idea would be to visit the website of the dentist you are going to go to. This way, they can see pictures of the office, of the employees, and of all the appliances that they may see in person.

Dentist = The Good Guys

We know that dentists are the superheroes for our oral health. Let’s make sure that children know that too. Associate the dentist with the good guys, with the people who want you to be healthy! It’s important to take care of your teeth and the sooner children know about oral health, the better. Your child already knows that brushing and flossing their teeth are routine. Make sure that they know that even though the dentist visit happens only once or twice a year, this is still a routine as well.

Goodie Bags and More

Turning a dentist visit into an adventure brings a smile to children. Making the trip exciting and happy will make the experience seamless. Many waiting rooms have toys to play with before the appointment begins, proving to ease nerves. Additionally, if your child isn’t fond of loud noises, you can play music on your phone during the appointment, or even give them headphones to distract them from what the dentist is doing. Just like birthday parties, some dentists give out goodie bags at the end of each visit. The bag is filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and sometimes even a sticker. Children love goodies and you can tell them if they are a good patient, they will receive one at the end of their visit.

Make sure that throughout the day—before, during, and after the visit—you are smiling. Smiling will ease your children and if they see you are happy, they will be happy as well. The experience should be calm and efficient for everyone and making sure you are happy helps a lot more than you may think. Our kids Noble Square dentist is a pleasant experience. If you follow the above guidelines, your child will be apart of a special and exciting visit. They may even be counting for the next time they get to see their dentist superhero!

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