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Fluoride Treatment Chicago, IL
Young patient keeping their mouth open while the dental assistant applies fluoride in ChicagoThe enamel that protects the teeth is strong.

However, it can be compromised by the ingredients found in our drinks, meals, and snacks, allowing your teeth to be prone to cavities.

At East Village Dental Centre, we embrace preventive care and provide fluoride treatment as one of the preventative care treatments we provide to our patients.

If your teeth are prone to cavities, we can protect and keep them strong by administering fluoride treatment.

What Is Fluoride Treatment?

As a natural mineral that interferes with the production of acid and strengthens tooth enamel, fluoride is essential for our oral and general health.

Teeth that are fed with an adequate amount of fluoride are more resistant to cavities. Fluoride occurs naturally in most foods we consume. It is also available in water sources.

Nonetheless, the fluoride amounts in these sources may not be sufficient to offer protection against cavities.

As such, our dental office advises that people consider receiving fluoride treatment if they are not getting enough or if their teeth are susceptible to dental decay or cavities.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Receiving fluoride therapy at our dental clinic not only helps keep teeth strong and healthy but also helps fight cavities. Fluoride is effective at combating cavities and decay.

It coats the teeth and prevents biofilm, the white, sticky substance forming on teeth, from accumulating and hardening on the surfaces of teeth to form tartar.

As a result, fluoride helps prolong the life of your teeth. It also prevents the onset of other dental issues associated with cavities and enamel wear, such as tooth loss and tooth infections.

How Does Fluoride Treatment Work?

The therapy involves pasting or using a tray to deliver fluoride gel, foam, or varnish to the teeth. When on the teeth, fluoride acts to shield and strengthen the enamel.

Elements like biofilm, bacteria, acids, and sugars are less likely to wreak havoc on the teeth covering layer. It is usually absorbed into the tooth enamel and then begins to provide protection.

In-office fluoride treatment has a higher fluoride amount than that found in fluoride rinses and toothpaste.

For that reason, it is considered more effective at protecting and strengthening the enamel from decay and the elements that cause this condition.

Who Can Benefit From Fluoride Treatment?

While we recommend this treatment for children because they are the most vulnerable to cavities, adults can also receive it.

Patients who constantly struggle with tooth decay, and those who do not receive sufficient fluoride from other sources, can also be targeted for fluoride treatment.

People susceptible to gum disease may need fluoride because the disease exposes the teeth to bacteria, increasing the likelihood of cavities.

The Fluoride Treatment Procedure

The procedure for administering fluoride treatment is quick, simple, and painless. In as little as five minutes, you can have the treatment completed.

We provide fluoride therapy in the form of a varnish, gel, or foam. Our dentist can use a tray to deliver the mineral to the teeth, or it can be painted directly onto the teeth.

We utilize mouth trays shaped to fit in the mouth based on the mouth structure.

Our dentist fills the tray with the gel or foam and places it over the teeth. It is left to rest there for about five to 10 minutes to allow the teeth to soak up the fluoride mineral.

After that, we rinse the mouth to remove the remains of the mineral.

Depending on your individual oral health status, we may ask you to get your fluoride treatment every three, six, or 12 months.

Additionally, we may recommend take-home fluoride-based products such as antibacterial rinse, gel, or mouthwash to complement your therapy.

Types of Fluoride Treatment

Our dentist can provide fluoride treatments in various forms.

First, there is foam, which we dispense into a customized mouth tray and then put over your teeth. We may also utilize a varnish, which we paint directly onto the teeth.

Additionally, there is a gel that we either dispense in a custom-fitting tray or paint on your teeth. We will determine the best way to deliver fluoride to your tooth enamel surfaces for absorption.

Fluoride Treatment Aftercare

We may ask you not to eat, rinse out your mouth, brush your teeth, or drink anything for about 30 minutes after the treatment.

This is because we want to ensure that the tooth enamel absorbs the fluoride optimally for better protection.

After a couple of hours, you may resume your usual oral hygiene routine, along with regular checkups and cleanings at our dental office after your fluoride treatment.

Common FAQs About Fluoride Treatment

Is fluoride treatment safe for children?

When administered by a dentist, fluoride is considered safe for children. In fact, children are the most likely to receive this therapy due to their susceptibility to dental caries.

How often should a fluoride treatment be done?

In most cases, the treatment can be provided every six months or once a year for people who are not at risk of cavities. Those considered to be at risk of cavities can get a fluoride treatment every three months.

Can adults benefit from fluoride treatment?

Just like children, adults can also receive fluoride treatment. If you are vulnerable to cavities, you may want to talk to us about getting this treatment.

Does fluoride treatment replace regular dental check-ups?

Fluoride therapy cannot replace your routine checkups and cleanings. You should still have these preventative care visits every six months.

Is fluoride treatment covered by dental insurance?

While insurance may cover fluoride treatment for kids, adults may not be covered. The treatment is not considered routine. We recommend you speak with your insurance company to see if this treatment is covered.

Enhance Your Oral Health With Fluoride Treatment in Chicago, IL

Talk to us at East Village Dental Centre to discover how we can promote your oral health. Our dentist will determine whether you require fluoride treatment after evaluation. Contact us at 773-341-9325 to schedule your appointment with our dedicated team.




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