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What Is A Metal Dental Crown?

couple smilingIf you have a broken, weak or worn down tooth, you may be in need of dental implants in Chicago. One very durable option for replacement teeth is a metal crown.

What Exactly Is A Metal Crown?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over the tooth in order to protect the teeth, restore their appearance, and improve their strength. A metal crown is essentially the same thing as a dental crown, simply made out of a stronger metal material. The metal used in crowns is comprised of a mixture of gold or platinum, and are able to withstand chewing, therefore typically lasting the longest of all crown options.

Why Are Metal Crowns Necessary?

Broken, weak or worn down teeth put you at risk not only causing potential pain and unattractive teeth, but to various other issues and diseases. With broken or damaged teeth, it can be difficult to chew correctly, and many different parts of the anatomy of your mouth are affected. When the teeth shift or break down, the other teeth in your mouth may try and compensate for this change. With dental implants in Chicago, such as metal crowns, the tooth is covered by a strong material and is able to regain a lot of functions, such as chewing and talking properly.

What Is The Procedure?

Like almost all dental procedures, the first visit involves an examination of the tooth, complete with x-rays to check the roots of the tooth receiving the crown, in addition to potential root canal treatment if the tooth is particularly broken or damaged. After an initial examination, when it is determined exactly what the patient needs, the process of creating the crown begins. The tooth is numbed and filed down on the top and sides in order to make room for the crown. The dentist will then use putty to make a model of your teeth, send it to the lab to be processed, and insert the permanent crown at a later date.

While the breakdown of teeth is avoidable with increased attention to dental hygiene, accidents happen. Although the risks and procedure seem intimidating, luckily, if you’re looking for metal crown in Chicago, East Village Dental Centre is available to give you personalized care. The primary procedure for dental implants, Cerec crowns, is less invasive, and only takes one day.

Do you think dental crowns are a good option for you? Contact East Village Dental Centre today to schedule a consultation and we can discuss all your options.




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