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Broken Teeth

One of the first things you’ll want to do if you’re dealing with broken teeth—on yourself or your child—is to find a dentist in Chicago. This is important because you want to get to a dental professional as soon as possible because the sooner they can deal with the issue, the more they can do to restore the tooth. Of course, you may not be able to get to a dentist as soon as your tooth is broken so it’s good to know and remember a few tips for dealing with broken teeth.

Since we regularly ensure our patients’ smiles are happy and healthy, we’ll provide several tips to remember if you or a loved one has broken one or more of their teeth.

Rinse Your Mouth and Apply Pressure to Bleeding

To help minimize the chance of infection, use warm water to rinse your mouth once you’ve noticed that your tooth is broken. At that point, if there’s any bleeding, use some clean gauze to apply pressure on the bleeding area. Do this until the bleeding stops.

Reduce Swelling and Pain

To reduce any swelling or pain in the gums, cheeks, and/or lips, you should apply something cold, such as a bag of ice covered in a towel or a pack of frozen food. Also, if you’re experiencing any pain, you can take OTC pain relief medication such as Ibuprofen.

Get to the Dentist

You will not be able to treat a broken tooth at home so you absolutely must get to the dentist to have a broken tooth dealt with. The dentist can assess whether any damage has been done to the nerve of the tooth which will most likely mean you’ll need root canal treatment. Depending on how the tooth has broken, your dentist will use different treatment techniques.

Your dentist may not even need to treat minor cracks other than to smooth it out with a polish. But for cracked teeth, your dentist will need to fill the crack or place a crown to stop the crack from spreading. More serious breaks that expose the nerve of your tooth will require removal with root canal treatment.

Need a Dentist in Chicago?

Ultimately, you’ll need to wait until you get to the dentist to find out exactly how your broken tooth can be treated and restored. If your broken tooth is a dental emergency, give us a call right away.

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