Root Canal Treatment

A root canal involves the cleaning of canals inside the root of a tooth to save the tooth from being removed.

Years ago, root canals were known to be very painful, but with today’s medical advancements and the care you’ll find at East Village Dental Centre, this is no longer the case. If you are having pain that you think is being caused by a damaged tooth, make an appointment with Dr. Treinkman or anyone on his team of professionals to guide you in the right direction. Some patients choose to extract the damaged tooth and replace it with an implant. If you choose to have a root canal, making sure you take care of it following the treatment is very important for minimizing your healing time.

Some discomfort may be experienced after treatment because the jawbone supporting the tooth has been irritated. This can vary from mild discomfort to more significant pain. This typically peaks around 48 to 72 hours after treatment, and then declines. It’s best to avoid chewing in that area for several days.

If you suffer from a throbbing sensation in the area of your root canal therapy, elevate your head, using extra pillows when lying down. It’s best to avoid any strenuous activity during the healing process. If we left your tooth open to allow the infection to drain, we will instruct you how to place cotton to protect it. Don’t leave the cotton in place between eating meals. If your gums swell after your root canal treatment in Noble Square, Wicker Park or Chicago, IL, you can resolve this issue by rinsing with a warm salt water solution made from eight ounces of warm water and a teaspoon of salt used every one to two hours. If you have swelling in your face, you can use an ice pack applied for 20 minutes, wait 20 minutes in between applications. If we prescribe an antibiotic, take the medication as prescribed until it is gone. If you experience a rash, gastric disturbance or difficulty breathing, stop taking the medication and contact us right away.

Root canals are a common procedure, and at East Village Dental Centre, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. If you are having pain that you believe is being caused by a damaged or infected tooth, call the office today and make an appointment so Dr. Treinkman can inform you of all your options.

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