Signs You Need a Root Canal

According to the American Dental Association, root canals are necessary when the nerve or pulp of your tooth becomes infected or inflamed to the point of being broken or severely injured. The term “root canal” itself refers to the inner passage of the tooth that is between the pulp and the tooth roots. At East Village Dental Centre, our dentist in Chicago may recommend a root canal in order to salvage a tooth that is infected deep within the tooth. Thanks to modern technology and constantly-improving techniques, getting a root canal is a tolerable procedure that can help salvage your smile.

Causes of Root Canals

If cavities are left untreated, the infected area in your tooth can become so severely infected that a root canal is necessary. Other causes of root canals include cracked teeth, repeated dental treatment to one area of your mouth, or trauma from an outside force.

What Signifies the Need for a Root Canal?

While some symptoms signifying the need for a root canal are obvious, others are subtler, and you may not realize they are there. Watch out for:

  • Constant tooth pain.

This pain isn’t triggered by changes in temperature, but rather, it is constant and unavoidable. This is usually a sign of a leaking infection in the nearby gum tissue that needs to be addressed.

  • Pain when you bite or chew.

Your tooth may be cracked, causing bacteria into your mouth every time you bite down on something.

  • Tooth discoloration.

If your tooth grey or even black? This may indicate an infection coming from deep within your tooth. The root canal will get rid of the infection, but you also may be required to go through a bleaching process afterward to get your tooth back to its normal color.

  • Increased or lingering temperature sensitivity.

If your tooth is hot or cold, it will be especially sensitive to temperatures. You may even notice that this sensitivity lingers after the stimuli are gone.

Taking care of your oral health is a great way to reduce your risk of needing a root canal. If you do need a root canal at any point, don’t hesitate to contact our dentist in Chicago. Dr. Treinkman has performed many root canals and can help you relieve your pain. Call East Village Dental Centre today to schedule an appointment!

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